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Employee Attendace Monitoring System is part of Easy Redmine. You can use this solution just for attendace monitoring, or you can extend usage to the fields you also need. More info

Employee Attendance is available in languages:




  • Attendance Tracking

    You can simply find out if your emloyees‘ are at work, working at home, sick or having a vacation. You can plan your personal or company attendance as well.

  • Cloud solution

    Run Employee Attendance Monitoring instantly in cloud without any acquisition costs. Or you can run it on your own server.

  • Salary Documents

    Thanks to Employee Attendace, you will get documents for salaries or bonuses. Get Easy summary of hours worked, vacations or sickness.

Employee Attendace System Features

Attendance Overview Module

Employees have the attendance module on their home page so it's easy to log what time they come to the office and what time they leave.


Logging Activity

Via Attendance Module, employees can easily plan their vacations, log sickness, log home offices and presence in the office.


Attendance Report

Because employees log their activity, you will get salary and bonus supporting documents in notime. You can see attedance history – number of paid sick days, home offices and vacations. You can also export all data to PDF or CSV.


Company Calendar Overview

Calendar is another type of view. It lets you easily see your company activity. You can see particular days and activities of each employee.



Data Filtering

All attendance data can be filtered according to the parameters that you need: by date, person, activity etc.


Attendance Monitoring

Attendance Sytem is part of Easy Redmine. You will not be bothered with features you do not need, nevertheless once using Attendance you can extend usage of system to more fields - task manager, project planning, resource management.

Easy Redmine Contact

Do You Want to Improve Your Attendance Monitoring? Contact us!

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